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We are blessed to be able to work with some amazing people. Here are some of their testimonies about their experiences with Maui Malts Whiskey Service.


Photo Credit: Matias Ezcurra Photography // @matiasezcurraphotography

Sarah and Rob Hughes

"Our wedding planners surprised us with Maui Malts at our wedding and boy did it not disappoint! The aesthetic of the bar elevated our wedding bar experience, and Josh was super personable and knowledgeable about making drinks! He was able to make each guest feel special from the casual wine drinker to the whiskey connoisseur.  If the bar is important to your wedding, I highly recommend including Maui Malts for that wow factor!"

Maui Malts Whiskey went above and beyond to make our welcome party special. We cannot speak highly enough of the service that they provided us and most importantly, our guests. We received so many compliments on what a great addition they were to our event. We feel really lucky to have worked with such an incredible team!  - Sam B.

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