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Our Services

Maui Malts Whiskey Service exists to bring a premium whiskey experience to your wedding or event. We specialize in whiskey and whiskey based cocktails.

Maui Malts is not your average bar service. We call ourselves a whiskey service for a reason. We love to serve whiskey. With our custom built bar and backdrop, we set the proper ambiance for our primary service: whiskey and whiskey cocktails. You pick the whiskey, and we will provide everything you need to enjoy it just the way you like it. Straight up? No problem, we have Glencairn glasses so you can maximize the flavors of the whiskey. With a whiskey stone? We've got you covered. With a bit of ice? We have specialty spherical cocktail ice for you. With a drop of water? We have Glencairn pipettes to help release those more subtle flavors. In a cocktail? Simple enough, we love making Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, rusty nails, and all kinds of variations and spinoffs from there. We even have a smoke gun for those cool Instagram photos! Of course, it goes without saying we love talking about whiskey, too. Anyone who wants to hang around and chat with us will get to learn a bit about the art behind the whiskey in their glass. Josh is a certified Bourbon Steward with the Stave and Thief Society, so he can tell you all you need to know!

In addition to whiskey service, we are also more than happy to serve beer and wine. While we are passionate whiskey connoisseurs, we do enjoy a nice beer or glass of wine on occasion. Beer is whiskey's little brother after all!



Photo Credit: Matias Ezcurra Photography // @matiasezcurraphotography

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