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Our Purpose

Maui Malts exists to share a passion for whiskey. As whiskey connoisseurs who are always on the hunt for new and rare whiskies, we believe that whiskey is a social experience. A dram of old Scotch Whisky should be treasured with friends; a glass of Kentucky bourbon is best with family by your side; whiskey is meant to be enjoyed with those we love. Maui Malts aims to help facilitate a memorable experience as we provide the elements needed to appreciate whiskey to the fullest. With a custom made bar to bring a piece of the best whiskey spots from around the globe to the island of Maui, we have everything you would want at a whiskey tasting: Glencairn glasses, whiskey stones, custom ice, water pipettes, even a nosing kit to help you identify the most subtle aromas. We make sure that you have all that you could need to highlight the whiskey of your choosing for the experience of a lifetime.


Photo Credit: Matias Ezcurra Photography // @matiasezcurraphotography

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